November 2018 Update – Upfronts Presentation

Hey guys, Scott here with a quick news update for all of you. As usual, things have been relatively quiet here at TOONDISE, but I finally have some information to share. It took a while, but we’ve rescheduled our TOONDISE 2018-2019 Upfronts Presentation and it will air this December. We don’t yet have an exact […]

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September 2018 Viewer Survey

Hey TOONDISE fans! With the start of September, it’s time for a brand new Viewer Survey! As a quick recap, Viewer Surveys are a way for you guys to give us valuable insight into everything we do here at TOONDISE! From the way the website looks, to the Pokémon that we use in battle, to […]

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Happy 6th Anniversary!

Most people say that time flies when you’re having fun, but they don’t generally realize it until after the fact. Well, that’s definitely true in our case. It feels like it was just a few days ago that we launched our brand new website here, and I had posted an article celebrating our 5th-year anniversary […]

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June 2018 Update – ‘Fire Emblem: Three Houses’ and ‘Pokémon’

With Nintendo having wrapped up their E3 presentation for 2018, we can now share with all of you some new information regarding a few of the upcoming shows we currently have in development here at TOONDISE. First up, the highly-anticipated new series Fire Emblem™: Three Houses. This tactical role-playing game was initially revealed back in […]

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TOONDISE 2018-2019 Upfronts Presentation

It’s that time again folks! This year, the TOONDISE 2018-2019 Upfronts Presentation will air Friday July 27th 8/7c, right here on TOONDISE! As a quick reminder, the TOONDISE Upfronts Presentation is a special yearly event where we talk about our current programming slate and also showcase new series that will be airing on TOONDISE Channel […]

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October 2017 Update

Hey Everyone! Scott here with an October 2017 TOONDISE Update. It’s been about a month since we posted our last news segment on here, but since we’re officially into the Fall season, I thought that now would be the perfect time to keep you apprised of what’s going on. As I’m sure many of you already […]

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