January 30, 2018

New Series ‘Pokémon: Battle Tree Extravaganza’ Gets Premiere Date

Longtime fans of TOONDISE may remember William and Dani hosting a previous competitive Pokémon series known as ‘Pokémon: Subway Champions’. Back in the days of Pokémon Black Version and Pokémon White Version, the purpose of the show was to determine how many battles they could win together in Unova’s famed Nimbasa City Battle Subway, otherwise known as a regional variant of the Battle Tower.

Though not filmed with the best of picture quality due to a low budget and equipment restrictions, the first season of Pokémon: Subway Champions debuted in September 2012 and was an instant hit amongst our viewers. William and Dani’s trademark comedic style, combined with their unique off-the-wall battling strategies, managed to captivate loyal Pokémon fans throughout the world, and it resulted in one of the highest-rated series throughout TOONDISE’s 5-year programming history. Consisting of 12 episodes and averaging an audience of nearly 200 views per episode, the series was quickly renewed for a second season, which debuted in March 2013.

Unfortunately, due to William’s busy work schedule, the second season was unexpectedly cut short after just 13 episodes (the initial renewal was for 20 episodes). Although the remaining episodes were filmed, they were never fully edited, and ultimately ended up being lost during a hard drive failure.

Throughout its entire run of 2 seasons and 25 episodes, Pokémon: Subway Champions ended with over 3,600 views and a total average viewership of 145 per episode.

Fast forward to today, five years later. William and Dani are back for more comedy and reckless Pokémon battling action in the brand new series Pokémon: Battle Tree Extravaganza. Get ready to laugh your hearts out, as they team up with me (Scott) in this brand new competitive series to see how far all three of us can get in Alola’s brand new Battle Tower, the Battle Tree!

Production of Pokémon: Battle Tree Extravaganza began in Q3 2017 and is now finally nearing completion. It’s the first brand new TOONDISE series airing in 2018 and it premieres Sunday March 4th 8/7c, only on TOONDISE.

Subsequent first-run episodes of the half-hour competitive Pokémon RPG series will air Sundays 8/7c as well.

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