April 23, 2018

Pokémon GO: Up and Coming Adventures!

From the start Pokémon GO as a mobile game has thrilled the masses. Adults and kids alike found joy in its simple structure and collective nature. However, that doesn’t make for a long lasting attention grab for game companies such as Nintendo and Niantic.

Thankfully, they have been able to hold onto their enthusiastic masses by introducing different events and features, rolling them out over several months. One of those innovative events are the Community Days, where Pokémon GOers can participate for 3 hours of the day with increased bonuses and spawn rates. The most recent Community Day featured Mareep. If you were lucky enough to evolve your Mareep into an Ampharos during the event time, it would learn an exclusive move; the Dragon-type move Dragon Pulse.

On May 19th 2018, Charmander will be the featured Pokémon for Community Day, with bonuses to Stardust while the event takes place. There are meetup groups through Facebook and other social media if you are interested, make sure to check for your local area.

Another stellar feature that’s come out recently is of course another event, kinda. The Mew Research!

This has given the game an additive mechanic of Field and Special Research. Where trainers can work towards daily and weekly goals for items and chances to catch Pokémon they might not have had the chance to catch before.

Including Rare and Legendary Pokémon from the Weekly Bonus Box.

Honestly, I love these changes! The thrill of goals and new Pokémon are amazing. Also the healthy competitive relationship I have with my friends who also play Pokémon GO has been boosted.

I recommend if you’ve put Pokémon GO to the wayside for the last little while to pick it up again. These changes have breathed new life into the game I’m certain new and old players will enjoy.

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As always, Game On!

Christina C.

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